Job Link is a nonprofit job counseling, placement and training program designed to meet the unique needs of the Chicago Jewish community. A program of the Chicago Chesed Fund, our ultimate goal is to help community members who are unemployed or underemployed secure positions – and build careers – that will ensure their financial stability.

The Job Link Difference:

  • The Ultimate Resume
  • The Ultimate Cover Letter
  • Access to Jobs
  • In-House Computer Lab
  • Individualized Action Plans
  • Interview and Negotiation Skills
  • Ongoing Follow-Up

The Ultimate Resume

It’s a tough market out there, and getting a job interview can more difficult than ever. If you want an employer to sit up and take notice, you need a resume that will set you apart.

At Job Link, we help applicants create “The Ultimate Resume.” It has two major components: It is unique to the candidate, highlighting his or her strengths and past successes. And it is written professionally, with the right verbiage and tone.

Job Link’s staff meets one-on-one with every candidate, and then helps the candidate prepare a personalized resume that truly helps him or her put their best foot forward.

The Ultimate Cover Letter

Once Job Link’s staff has helped a candidate prepare “The Ultimate Resume,” it helps them then create “The Ultimate Cover Letter.”  This letter speaks directly to the prospective employer, showing why the candidate is highly qualified for the specific position the employers is offering.

At Job Link, we don’t just help candidates make one standard cover letter. We help candidates create personalized letters for every position they apply for, so they make the best use of this one-shot opportunity to communicate with a prospective employee – and impress him.

Access to Jobs

There are thousands of jobs out there, but you need the right tools – and know-how – to find them.

At Job Link, we go far beyond newspaper ads and local job boards:

  • We train candidates in how to use the latest technology to find what’s really out there, including, craig’s list, LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • We have connections to businesses and professionals throughout the local Jewish community. If a candidate has specialized skills or would be a good fit for a particular company, we will network on their behalf, even if no job has been advertised.
  • We are a well-known Jewish communal organizations, and local employers seeking quality candidates contact us on an ongoing basis.

We might already know of a position that’s right for you. See Available Positions for a sampling of positions we are looking to fill, or Contact Us to find out more.

In-House Computer Lab

Many candidates come to Job Link with a willingness to work hard to find a job. Yet preparing “The Ultimate Resume” and “The Ultimate Cover Letter,” as well as networking to find the right job, can be difficult without ongoing direction and assistance.

In the fall of 2012, Job Link opened an in-house computer lab, where candidates can prepare for, and conduct, job searches right in Job Link’s office. Job Link’s staff is on hand to answer questions, offer assistance and provide moral support.

And use of the computer lab, like all other Job Link services, is free by appointment.

Individualized Action Plans

At Job Link, no two candidates are the same – and neither is Job Link’s approach to helping them find a job.

Job Link creates individualized action plans for every candidate. From resume and cover letter writing, to interview skills and negotiation tactics, we help every candidates every step of the way.

No matter how “down-and-out” a candidate may be, and whether he or she has been on dozens of interviews, or hasn’t even begun to write a resume, Job Link can help.

Interview and Negotiation Skills

It’s often been said that employers hire the best interviewee, not necessarily the person best suited for the job.

This is why Job Link places great emphasis on effective interviewing skills. We offer simple methods and exercises to help our candidates identify their strengths, and then effectively present them on a job interview.

We introduce our candidates to the “Golden Circle of Interviewing,” a 1-2-3 interactive approach that communicates three important things to prospective employers: that the candidate understands the challenges of the position, that he is qualified to fill the position, and that he is highly interested in doing so.

We also teach our candidates the art of negotiation, and the importance of waiting until after an employer has made an offer to ask whether there is any flexibility.

Once Job Link candidates have honed their interview skills, many are able to present themselves with confidence when going on interviews, and ultimately secure gainful employment.

Ongoing Follow-Up

Even after a candidate has been successfully placed in a position, Job Link staff will follow up with him or her to ensure the position is a good fit.

If a candidate took a lower-level position to get back in the workforce or in order to pay his bills, Job Link will continue to look for ways to help him embark on his desired career path in the future.