Mr. Daniel Gordon, Director

Mr. Gordon is a veteran recruiter and career consultant with over 20 years experience.

Mr. Gordon earned his bachelor’s degree in Design Science from Southern Illinois University in 1975. After several years in the family’s metal business, he joined People Incorporated as an executive recruiter and employment counselor in 1984.

Four years later, he founded an executive search firm that conducted retained searched for Fortune 500 companies and small businesses in nearly every job sector and industry. He also provided career counseling services for individuals.

Over the years, Mr. Gordon developed a reputation as an expert in interview preparation, and became highly respected for his ability to thoroughly understand the needs of both job seekers and employers. Mr. Gordon was invited on several occasions to conduct mock interview sessions for MBA graduates of The University of Chicago Business School.

In 2010, Mr. Gordon was named director of Job Link. Since then, he has not only helped place hundreds of people in new positions, but has also helped the organization become a leading nonprofit outplacement agency.

Mrs. Chaya Krohn, Employment and Staffing Specialist

Mrs. Krohn, originally from Phoenix, AZ completed her education at Bais Yaakov Seminary in Toronto. After relocating to Chicago in 1998, she taught 2nd grade in a local day school as well as volunteered for several community organizations.

Mrs. Krohn joined Job Link in 2011 and quickly developed a reputation for deftly helping hundreds of people match their job skills and goals with appropriate new positions. Her encouraging and sensitive approach has made many jobseekers – especially those going through challenging transitions – feel as though they have not only found a helpful career counselor, but also a friend and confidant.

Mrs. Krohn’s thorough understanding of the needs of the Jewish community’s jobseekers, coupled with her knowledge of the staffing needs of local businesses and nonprofits, make her an invaluable asset to Job Link – and the community.

Ellen Marshall, Administrative and Social Media Coordinator

Mrs. Marshall joined Job Link in November 2012, bringing several decades of experience in communications and marketing.

Mrs. Marshall is a graduate of Iowa State University with a degree in Visual Communications. She spent the early part of her career in the branding and packaging design industry as an assistant account manager working with strategic and graphic design teams for major clients like Kraft and General Mills.

More recently, she worked as a marketing coordinator and project manager for several Chicago area Fortune 500 companies.

Mrs. Marshall gets great satisfaction from applying her business, writing and social media skills to the challenge of helping jobseekers present themselves in the best possible light, so they can be successful in any endeavor.