Q: How much does your service cost?

A: It’s completely free of charge. We help people get jobs as a service to the community.

Q: I have no work experience. Can Job Link help me?

A: Yes. We’ll help you no matter what your level of experience.

Q: I have never written a resume before. Can Job Link help me put together a resume and a cover letter so that I can begin applying for jobs?

A: Absolutely. At Job Link we will not only help you design a resume and cover letter, but also assist you every step of your job search.

Q: What steps do I take to get help from Job Link?

A: We request that you attach your resume in an email as a word document and send it to info@joblinkchicago.org. In the message you should include your work availability, compensation preferences, willingness to travel, and other pertinent information. Make sure to follow up in a day or so. In this time, Daniel or one of the office associates will review your information and  schedule an appointment to meet in the office.