An Integrated Approach to Building Careers

Who We Are

JobLink is a vital resource for job seekers and employers, utilizing a global approach to job searching and hiring. Our team works to identify and understand the needs of both employer and job seeker and provide targeted strategy and guidance.

Through one-on-one meetings with prospective employees, we help identify each client’s skills, abilities, and goals to make sure that they can advance in their careers. We engage with them through every step of the process, providing them with critical job-search strategies, as well as the tools to succeed in their new positions.

JobLink goes past resume and cover letter assistance, guiding our clients to the next steps whatever they may entail, in an interactive process. This might include anything from interview preparation to follow up correspondence and compensation negotiation, and even ongoing follow-up long after a candidate is successfully placed.

We work with local businesses and HR personnel to fill job openings by connecting them with suitable candidates. Additional services to employers include working with them to evaluate their needs, determining appropriate compensation, and providing general guidance.

There is never a fee, for either the job seeker or employer, for any of JobLink’s services.