JobLink helps mitigate some of the burden associated with hiring new employees. Over the years, we have served as an integral resource for employers to find suitable candidates for their job openings. Through an initial consultation, we work with business owners and HR staff to understand their specific company goals and learn more about the roles they are attempting to fill. This partnership allows us to help source quality candidates who will be an appropriate fit.


“Job Link helped us fill many positions, and we are very pleased with the results. They have been a tremendous resource for us and we continue to consult with them on an ongoing basis regarding proper compensation, writing up job descriptions, and more. Thank you Job Link for all of your help!” – Rabbi Yehoshua Pinkus, Executive Director, Joan Dachs Bais Yaakov and Yeshivas Tiferes Tzvi
“Job Link did a wonderful job and helped us land an employee who was a perfect fit for the position we needed to fill! The process was smooth and the staff was always patient, helpful and attentive. I would definitely recommend Job Link to other employers.” – Jeff Cohen, President, CIC Plus, Inc. and Board Member, Shaarei Tzedek Congregation
“Job Link has helped me find numerous employees a number of times. They’ve gone above and beyond, both when I was looking for employment and now that I am looking to hire. I cannot thank them enough for their continued support.” – Satisfied Employer and former Job Seeker
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  • *Please be advised that although Job Link meets personally with each of our job seekers, assessing and checking the background of these candidates is the responsibility of the employer, as it would be for any new hire.