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Since its inception over two decades ago, JobLink has assisted many individuals to find gainful employment. Through a myriad of services, we help job seekers learn about their unique strengths and career goals, while providing guidance and support throughout every stage of the career-building journey. At JobLink, maintaining client relationships is key and feedback is essential to our success. Additionally, we utilize a large database of client information, keeping updated on job-search progress or employment status and creating more opportunities to be of assistance. To schedule an appointment, please call the office at 773-866-1111 and send your resume to

Our Services

Initial Consultation

We meet with our clients to learn about their particular career goals and needs. Together, we define strengths, uncover passions, and establish a targeted plan. We also discuss what their responsibilities are as a job seeker and the specific role that we take in order to help the job search process.

Resumes and Cover Letters

We assist in the creation or editing of resumes and cover letters that highlight individual strengths and past successes, using the correct verbiage and tone, while keeping them specifically targeted to each position being applied for.

Interview Preparation

Through role playing and simulated interviews, we help our clients strengthen their interview skills. We provide direction and guidance, helping them acquire the proper tools to present themselves as confident and highly qualified candidates.

Job Hunting

We provide job-search strategies and networking tips which lead to positive results. Social platforms can serve as a tremendous resource and we train our clients in the proper way to use, LinkedIn, and Facebook to advance their search and increase their chances of landing a suitable and fulfilling job. Additionally, we have established connections with local community businesses and professionals who may have opportunities available for our job seekers.

Negotiation Skills and General Job-Related Inquiries

Beyond helping with the job search, we help our clients evaluate and negotiate their terms of employment. We provide counsel for a wide-range of job-related queries, from how to negotiate a salary to proper ways of addressing office-related matters.

Ongoing Follow-Up

We encourage successfully placed job seekers to stay in touch with us, to ensure that the transition is smooth, and that their their new position is a good fit. If not, we will consult with them to understand what is not working and define an action plan.


“When I moved to Chicago, I knew no one. I was advised to contact Job Link to try to get a job so settling in would be easier. Since then, I felt secure I could always give them a call and get advice, guidance and support through my career journey. In the last six years in Chicago, I’ve gotten a number of jobs, each one an advancement to my career, all placed through Job Link. I’m extremely satisfied with my current position. Job Link really helped get me a great placement and I know I can always give them a call if I’m looking to further develop my career. Thank you!” – Ruth
“I came into Job Link for a meeting without a résumé. My résumé was built shortly after, and I landed a job within a few weeks based on a recommendation that they gave me. What an amazing help they were to me!” – Shua Merzel, Sales and Operations Associate, LAS Leasing
“Over the years, I’ve been in contact with Job Link numerous times. They’ve assisted me with writing a résumé (from scratch!), preparing me for interviews, and negotiating a salary. I’ve found their advice to be extremely helpful and on target. I appreciate that our community has a resource that is always available to discuss any job-related matter. Just recently, they notified me of another position that they thought might interest me. They updated my résumé and sent it to the employer. It turned out to be a great lead, and I just took the job, which will provide supplemental income! Thank you so much for continuing to keep me in mind.” – G.F., Facilities Manager
“Thank you, Job Link, very much for helping me look for and find a job. I really appreciate all the time and effort spent with me trying to work this out. A special thank you for the great résumé that you wrote and put together which was very helpful for me!” - Y.B.
“I wanted to thank you so much for all your efforts in helping me find a Speech Language Pathologist position! B”H I got a great job in exactly what I’m looking for and I will be starting next week! Thank you!” – K.T., SLP
"I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to Job Link, for their general assistance, and particularly for coaching me through the interview process. I found the staff at Job Link to be kind and sympathetic. They revised my résumé - making it more concise in a clean format and one which could be worked with easily when adding or removing text as per job application. When I noticed that I did not do well in an interview for a position that was somewhat below my level of experience, I contacted Job Link again and requested help for future interviews. They kindly analyzed what some of the issues at the previous interview might have been, and more importantly how to conduct oneself during an interview for the future.” – L.C., Oral History and Reference Manager at Pritzker Military Museum & Library
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To schedule an appointment,

Please call the office at 773-866-1111 and send your resume to